Monday, April 18, 2011

Nose Pickers

Have you ever noticed how many people pick their noses while driving? I’m constantly watching the people I pass. And a lot of them are picking their noses. Sometimes I get really tempted to honk at them and to mockingly stick my finger up my nose, but that wouldn’t be too nice. Instead I just blog about them!

I’ve noticed that a lot of kids pick their noses too. You could be staring right at them or having a conversation with them – they don’t care. It just feels right, I guess.

No one had to teach them to do it, they just do it.

I was a nose picker.

There’s this guy I know – a former student – who is constantly touching his hair. I tried smack therapy (smack him every time I catch him) for a while, but it didn’t seem to work. He’s gone to college now, so that therapy has ended…but I think he still has his issue.

Some habits are harmless (though I’m sure if you hit a pothole with your finger up your nose it could cause some damage). Others are detrimental to our physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health. The sad thing is, we may have some of these habits and not even realize it until we get a bloody nose…or worse.

As a matter of chat…

Have you ever slowed down to consider what “bad habits” you might have? Are you self-aware? Have you gotten into routines or habits without even realizing it, that are destroying you in some way? Have you considered asking those close to you what they might see? Are you willing to listen?