Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Do the Little Things

Renee and I just received a note from the church planting team in Virginia Beach where we have taken some high school students for a few years to expose them to church-planting and ministries to people who are different than us.

In March, 2010, Renee and I met a girl named Alisa while we were out advertising the church plant in surrounding neighborhoods. Turns out, it was way more than just a friendly conversation…

The next day, Alisa came to the new church’s service. We were able to connect her to the Pastor and others from the small church plant. We were also able to buy her lunch and chat for another hour or so after that morning’s services.

God began to do a work in her life, and since then she has been attending on a regular basis. A few weeks ago, she surrendered her life to Jesus! This past Sunday, on the church’s one-year anniversary, Alisa was baptized as a public expression of her new faith in Christ!

What a blessing to get to hear the next chapter of the story! We never know when God is going to use the slightest of touches to impact all of eternity. I’m imagining Alisa leading her husband to Christ, and her children, and her grandchildren, etc.

As a matter of chat...

What was the last “little thing” you did for or said to someone? Can you imagine it ending with some sort of eternal change/impact? Are you listening for the Holy Spirit’s whispers in your life? How do you know if it’s Him? Are you obeying immediately? Are you praying that you won’t be too busy and distracted to hear him?