Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Embarrassing Moment : Lesson Learned

So one Wednesday morning I was on my way to work. I was running a little late and was going to arrive just in time for a 9 a.m. meeting…under normal circumstances.

However, I came upon a slow moving vehicle on the straightaway where I typically make up for my lateness. I was stuck behind this snow-capped driver for a while as cars came the other way, but then I floored it, and flew past her!

There’s two ways to pass people – the nice gentle way that seems to say “hello, I simply prefer to drive a little faster than you”! And, the other way that seems to say “get off the road and get out of my way”! My pass was the latter. (I’m ashamed to admit).

Did I mention that I work at a church? So as I pulled in the parking lot and got ready to get out of my car, wasn’t I surprised to see the same lovely car pulling in the parking lot behind me. I WAS MORTIFIED! How could I be such a jerk?! Wait, it gets worse…you see, I recognized this lovely Senior Saint as someone who once taught me in Sunday School as a child! She was arriving for an event that began at the same time as the meeting I was late for.

I literally squatted as I got out of the car and ran around a back entrance of the offices because I was so embarrassed. I’m confident that she didn’t put all the pieces together, so I think I’m safe! (Unless she reads my blog)!

As a matter of chat…

Any embarrassing moments? Did you learn from them? Are you like me – always in a hurry? Do you need to just “slow down” and be late once in a while?!


matt w said...

Embarrassing Moment: I was at a Cold Stone Ice Cream eating inside.... My friend made an insulting, snarky comment to me, so, in revenge, I flung my flip flop at her!

As I am typically sharp-shooter precise in my "flinging", she ducked! And it went right over her head.

Well, I didn't notice it beforehand, but there was a family sitting right behind her. It was a headshot!--but the wrong person!

To my horror, my flip-flop just didn't bounce off her head, it rolled down her shoulder and landed in her lap. In other words, she now had complete possession of my flip-flop.

So when she looked my way, what else could I do but blame it on my friend...!

But, in my selfish-embarrassment, I had forgotten in, at least HE still had both shoes on. I was caught! There was no way around it.

She and her family left in a haste. I apologized as they left the store, but o man, lesson learned!
Never fling a flip-flop at a friend in a public gathering (well, at least next time, I'll analyze my surroundings better).

DougKegarise said...

Matt, that's gross! I'm afraid to ask if it was a crisp NEW flip-flop, or one of those nasty ones that should have been tossed a few summers ago! Either way, I wouldn't want it near my ice cream...You make me laugh!