Saturday, July 30, 2011


This week, a friend of mine brought me a Pilsner glass from the HardRock Café in Gatlinburg, TN…because I collect them. I don’t know how, when or why I started the collection, but I love it! (I just hope that one day I have a great place to display it - currently they are in boxes in my basement). And I love that friends of mine know about it too, because they’ve helped me build a great collection. Here are the ones I have (I *’ed the ones that I’ve actually been to)…feel free to help me collect more!

*Atlantic City
*Las Vegas
*Los Angeles
*New York City
*San Antonio
*San Diego
*Washington D.C.

*Amsterdam, Netherlands
Barcelona, Spain
*Cairo, Egypt
*Cancun, Mexico
*Cologne, Germany
*Dublin, Ireland
*London, England
Madrid, Spain
Munich, Germany
Nassau, Bahamas
*Niagra Falls, Canada
*Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Ottawa, Canada
*Rome, Italy
*Paris, France
*Stockholm, Sweden
Sydney, Australia
Toronto, Canada

I was also outside the Moscow, Russia HardRock about a month before it opened…so I’m still bitter that I don’t have that glass.

The Ocho Rios, Jamaica location is just a souvenir shop, not an actual café. The time I was there, they were sold out of the glasses. Thankfully, my sister and bro-law were there a few years later and picked it up for me!

My wife and I took a taxi to the Cairo location – again, a shop, not a restaurant – oddly, it’s right across the street from the Sphinx! It was one of the scariest experiences of my life as we were unable to communicate with our driver. We also had a little boy in another vehicle point a gun at us. We are pretty sure it was fake…but not 100%!

As a matter of chat…

Do you have any collections? What is the most unique collection you’ve ever heard of?

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