Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Short-Term Missions: The Importance of Flexibility

A key to survival on a missions trip is flexibility. We were blessed to learn this lesson in several ways.

As we pulled out of the church parking lot to head to the airport, we realized that one of our vans had a flat tire. That's right, before we even began driving to the airport, we had a situation. Plans were adjusted from the first moments of our the very last moments of our trip. You see, when we arrived back in the U.S., our connecting flight to our final destination was cancelled. Of course, that didn't happen until after we had waited in the airport for several hours.

It's humorous now (I think), but both were great reminders...that God is in control of the schedule. Planning is important, but leaving room for God to move as He pleases is also important! Sometimes, He has surprises for us - He wants to move in ways we're not aware of.

As a matter of chat...

Is there room for God to move in your life? Do you have margin? Are you looking for where/how God is leading you on a regular basis, or are you to "busy"?

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