Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Short-Term Missions: The Importance of Teachability

I talk about this all the time…Leaders are learners! I think the greatest leaders are people who are constantly looking for ways to grow and improve. They find something to learn in any situation and are continuously stretching. PROACTIVE TEACHABILITY!

Teachability is especially important when going to do ministry in a foreign context. Those who are not planning to learn, grow or change can do a lot of damage. Things that are "normal" in your world may be offensive in another context. Assuming that everything about your worldview is "right" is a roadblock to effective ministry.

Cultural training, humility and acceptance of differences, and an open, teachable spirit are essentials to a great short-term missions trip. Paul talks about being "all things to all people". He seemed to know what he was talking about.

Practically speaking, we include plenty of time for "orientation" with our missionaries when we go on trips to make sure we are adapting to the new culture as best as possible.

As a matter of chat...

Are you teachable? Do you look for ways to learn and grow when you are in different cultures and surroundings? How might some of your "cultural norms" be offensive to others?

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