Friday, February 18, 2011

Greatest Gifts: the Africa Series

So I have just returned from a trip to the Central African Republic visiting orphans who our church sponsors. I will try to explain some of the partnership through some other blogs, but am going to try to keep the blogs short and readable...bite-size pieces.

At each school we visited, we distributed a can of sardines to each orphan as a gift. Shoot, you would have thought we were super heroes. They. Love. Sardines. Each child holds out two hands and bows there head when receiving any gift. A picture of humility. But then they absolutely beam with delight. Most of them will take the can home and share It with their families, perhaps in a soup.

None of it seems too appetizing to me, but if thats what communicates love and concern to these precious children, at a cost of perhaps 50 cents, count me in.

As a matter of chat...

What kinds of gifts are the most meaningful to give? To receive? How do you attach value to a gift? Are you a good gift RECEIVER? What kinds of gifts has God given you? How grateful are you? Have you received them humbly? Will you share them? Do they bring you great joy? Or leave you wishing for more?