Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Africa...less than a week away!

I’m SO excited to be heading back to Africa in less than a week! This will be my third trip to the Central African Republic.

Your mind races all over the place as you prepare for a trip like this. I find myself thinking about different things this time around, than the last two times – probably because I know what to expect in some ways.

One thing that’s impossible to NOT think about is the stark contrast between the living conditions of the Central Africans and Americans. C.A.R. is literally one of the poorest countries in the world, yet I have never met such joyful people. Many days they lack even the simplest things – like clean water, or food.

As a matter of chat…

Are you trying to buy happiness? Where do you find your joy? Can you imagine living on $700/YEAR? What are you doing to “live simply, so that others can simply live”? Is there excess in your life that is stealing your joy?

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