Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Cost of Learning: The Africa Series

Part of our trip to Africa included a two night camping trip to visit our schools in Bossangoa. We set up camp on the edge of this town at a Bible Institute. While there, we were able to meet the African director of the Institute as well as many of the future pastors who are studying there.

The Director was excited to tell us that they have the largest class ever lined up for this Fall - 21 students. The problem is that they don't have housing for that many students. So, several of the future students have already moved to Bossangoa in order to BUILD HOUSES so that they can study at the Bible Institute. If that isn't a passion for studying the Bible, I don't know what is. In addition, many men who become Pastors in the CAR never make a cent. Churches are so poor that they often can't afford to give their leaders a salary.

As a matter of chat...

Do you value learning? Are you willing to sacrifice in order to learn? How much? How much do you pursue learning God's Word? How much do you crave it? Would you build a house by hand to learn it? Is the study of The Bible reserved only for people who have a special calling, or for all followers of Christ?