Friday, October 29, 2010

You Have a Banana in Your Ear

I once saw a story acted out with puppets:

Puppet 1: “Excuse me, did you know you have a banana in your ear?”
Puppet 2: “What?”
Puppet 1: (A bit louder) “You have a banana in your ear!”
Puppet 2: “What?”
Puppet 1: (Much louder) “YOU HAVE A BANANA IN YOUR EAR!”
Puppet 2: “What? I can’t hear you…I have a banana in my ear!”

It reminded me of another incident recently.

One of my team-members, who constantly has me in stitches, (the good kind), confronted the rest of our team one morning via email.
She was “mad” that not a single one of us had told her about the seed from her breakfast bagel that was lodged in her teeth. We were being accused of sitting through a 60-minute team meeting with her, and NOT mentioning the GINORMOUS object that was protruding from her smile.

We all laughed, swearing (the good kind) that we hadn’t noticed it!

As a matter of chat…

Is there a banana in my ear? Is there something in my teeth? Do I want to know? Are there things in my life that are hindering me? Am I aware of them, but acting as if they’re no big deal? Are there people in my life who are willing to point these things out to me? Am I willing to listen?