Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How Far is TOO Far?

We were traveling home from a youth conference this summer, with roughly 70 students and adult volunteers. Our first stop was at a McDonald's off of I-70 in Ohio. As anticipated, there were long lines for both the male and female restrooms, but the men's line was moving much more quickly (insert gasp).

Turns out, there were three toilets in the women's restroom, but only two were, uh, err, hmmm...functioning properly. The third was clogged by what I'm told was "just toilet paper".

Knowing that the jammed commode was going to cause our stop to be longer than desired, one of our faithful volunteers went WAY beyond the call of duty, plunged her hand down into the water, pulled the blockage out, and left out a "hooray" as the toilet suddenly flushed properly! (My stomach STILL turns just thinking about it)!

As a matter of chat...

How far am I willing to go in the name of serving others? Am I willing to be inconvenienced? Am I willing to get dirty? How much am I willing to sacrifice?