Friday, September 7, 2012

What You Need, When You Need It

I had two random, but similar experiences the other day.

I had a particularly busy and stressful morning and early afternoon. Upon returning to my office from a meeting, I decided that a cup of coffee would really help me stay motivated for the many hours of work that were still in front of me. Typically, this requires a walk to the office kitchen, and about 10 minutes to prepare and brew a pot. To my great surprise, as I walked into the kitchen, there were two giant carafes filled with piping hot coffee from an event earlier in the day! I thought, "this is great, the coffee is already made"! And then it dawned on me, that I would have to walk ALL THE WAY back to my office to grab my mug (pathetically, it's only about a 30 yard trip...but I was REALLY tired...or something). But as I turned around I saw one of my mugs in the drying rack right next to the kitchen sink! This is highly unusual, as I typically do not leave my mugs in the kitchen. I still don't remember when or why I left it there, but I was thankful I did. So, in a matter of seconds, I had a great cup of coffee.

Later that same evening, I was feeling the need for some more liquid encouragement. (This particular day was a 14-hour work day). I took my exact change ($1.25) to the vending machine - another 30-yard trip from my office. I carefully put my dollar in the machine and looked at the selection before me, trying to decide which beverage would be my victim. But as I looked, I realized that the price had been changed. Drinks were now $1.35!!! Again, in great frustration, I tried to decide if it was even worth the trip back to my office for the additional dime, or if I should just give up on the drink. I pushed the "return" button to get my dollar back out of the machine. It spit out four quarters, and as I reached into the slot to pull them out, I found in addition to those four quarters, a dime! Perhaps it's bad theology, but I think God wanted me to have that soda!

I probably would have thought nothing of these two random occurrences, except that they happened in the same day, only a few hours apart. It got me thinking about God's promises to provide for our needs, all the time. Sometimes it seems impossible that He will provide. Sometimes He keeps us waiting until the last minute. Sometimes He provides differently than we had expected. But He ALWAYS provides what we need. The money for that bill. That vehicle that keeps on running though every mechanic says it shouldn't. A child, through different means than you planned. The right word from the right person. The perfectly timed card or verse of Scripture. There's no doubt: His love for us is clearly demonstrated in His provision of every need.
Philippians 4:19
And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

As a Matter of Chat:

How has God provided for you? Why do you suppose we so easily run from the opportunity to express faith in His timing and provision? Why do we try to insure and ensure so much - and eliminate our need to trust God to provide, when He has promised to do so - and made good on His promise? Why are we so impatient? How have you shown gratitude to God for providing for you - even for the small things?

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