Thursday, June 7, 2012

Engaged in Church. Engaged in Life.

There's a great church right up the street from our home. On our way home the other night, it was clear that there was some sort of event going on. As we turned the corner, we saw a guy that we graduated from high school with. He was walking around the flower beds, pulling weeds. He wasn't dressed in work clothes...I assume he was at the event, and just pulling a few weeds on his way to leave.

I was blown away - partly because my impression of this guy in high school was that he was definitely not a church-goer. But moreso, because people who are that engaged in church - that engaged in life - that they simply see needs and meet them without prompting, programs, or payment are so inspiring.

This Sunday, as I arrived at my own church, I was frustrated by the mulch that the birds had scattered all over the sidewalks...I notice it every Sunday and think "someone should clean that up!" But I KNOW where a broom is stored. I KNOW how to sweep sidewalks. I had every resource needed to get the job done, including I just did it.

As a matter of chat...

Are you truly engaged in life? Are you responding to the opportunities that arise each day? Are you a spectator at church? Or are you engaged? Do you call it YOUR church? What kind of investment and engagement are you practicing?

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