Monday, January 10, 2011

Brand Snob

I am (sometimes) a brand snob. If the generic works, I’m cool with it in the name of saving money. But there are certain things that HAVE to be name brand. A cheaper substitute will not do.

Q-tips, for instance. Have you ever tried the generic “cotton swab”? Terrible.
Razors. One time I tried a generic razor to save some dough…and ended up with a terribly painful and bloody mess. Shaving cream – generic. Shaving tools – name brand.

A pastor friend recently challenged me to think about the difference between relationship and fellowship. Simple relationship is often the generic substitute for real, authentic, whole fellowship among Christians.

As a matter of chat…

When do you demand the real deal? When it comes to relationships, am I demanding the best? Or am I satisfied with a cheap substitute? What am I doing to encourage authenticity in my relationships?