Monday, November 15, 2010

Write a Note...Emails Don't Count!

Yesterday, I was involved in a conversation with some 11th-12th grade students. They were asked to reflect on what church was like when they were younger, and one young man said that he remembered a particular volunteer dressing up as a cow. He then muddled under his breath, "I should send her a note". One of the teachers of the class JUMPED on it and said, "YES, YOU SHOULD!" The cow-costumed volunteer doesn't even attend our church anymore, but the young man recognizes the importance of saying "thanks" to someone who has impacted his matter what the significance...and no matter how long ago it was!

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak in chapel for the elementary school that is part of our church ministry. I just opened a Thank-You note from one of the classes - signed by each one of the children in that class.

As a matter of chat...

There is nothing more refreshing and encouraging than a word of encouragement or thanks! I attempt to write a stack of thank-you and encouragement notes every week. There are so many people that help me along life's journey, even in simple ways. I need to constantly open my eyes to the support of others, and to THANK them for it!

Who has blessed you this week?